U Channel Glass Partition in Bangladesh

Office glass partitions have become an established trend in the design and redevelopment of offices. This statement applies not only to large spacious business centers. Very often glass partitions can be found in small offices of private companies. There are some benefits of glass partition walls as below. First, the main and obvious advantage of glass partitions is their perfect and unsurpassed visual appearance. No other design that performs the same function can provide such a refined look. U Channel Glass Partition in Bangladesh.

U Channel Glass Partition in Bangladesh

Aluminium Thai Glass BD Glass partitions do not just zone the space and adjust the location of working places. They literally decorate the office space, and add light and a sense of transparency. Second, glass partitions are in great demand due to the ambiance they establish. Glass in contrast to the dense opaque structures of other materials. Does not create the impression of a closed dismal space.

U Channel Glass Partition – Aluminium Thai Glass Bd

Sunlight easily penetrates the workplace of every employee. It is much more pleasant and easier to work in an airy and breathing space. Third, take into account the environmental friendliness of the material from which the office partitions are made. Glass is free of harmful fumes, unpleasant odors, and other negative factors. Cleanliness and safety, durability, and reliability are some of the main advantages of glass partitions for the office. Fourth, one should not underestimate the mobility, compactness, and possibility of rearranging the partitions at any time.

Glazing U Channel glass partition channel kit

In addition, these structures provide an opportunity to plan the location of the workplaces of the office staff, as the glass takes any necessary dimensions. If the glass partition in a particular place is unnecessary, it can be removed completely or installed in a new place in case size and dimensions of the glass and the opening allow it. Finally, and perhaps the most significant advantage of office glass partitions is their durability and complete safety. Such structures are made from safe-tempered laminated glass, which is very difficult and almost impossible to break accidentally. 5+5mm laminated glass is a special type of safety or security glass that holds together in case of accidents.

It is simply made by sandwiching layers of polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) or structural interlayer material between two or more glass layers. The layers are usually bonded permanently using both mechanical and chemical bonds. High temperature and pressure are applied in the process to eliminate air bubbles from the glass layers forming a tough seal. The glass is thus strengthened enough to resist stress. In case of breakage, the sharp pieces which cause fatal injuries are held together forming ‘web-like’ patterns. This qualifies laminated glass to be safety glass. Typical PVB laminated glass has a thickness of at least

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